The Post About Loving Where You're Planted

Birmingham, Alabama This is where I live.

Not the park. Although I'm not above it, if push came to shove.

This is Birmingham, Alabama.

And I love her.

A few reasons why:
1. Giving. Birmingham ranks as the most generous city in America, according to a study that measured 60 metropolitan areas in terms of percentage of household income given to charity. I feel that as an employee of a local nonprofit and as a walker through doors held open for me almost 100% of the time.

2. Feta. I think "Birmingham" means "go to there and cook" in Greek because they have done just that. I can name at least 12 Greek restaurants in the metro area that will floor you from the deliciousness. Contact me and we'll break pita together and be better for it.

3. Books. The stereotype does not survive - we're quite literate. Local shops like Alabama Booksmith, Little Professor, and Jim Reed Books, make reading the most divine task. I'm particularly a fan of 2nd & Charles, a used bookstore. It's the newest brainchild of Books-A-Million, which maintains its headquarters here in the 'ham.

What about you? Where do you live and why do you fancy it? 

Be warned: I might show up.

{image: Jamie}

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