The Post About Unnecessary Random Rabbits

When I planned to go on vacation, I had these lofty plans of posting archived posts for you to read that would cover the following:
But leaving Alabama for 9 days requires some evening work. 

Tasks such as:
  • get ahead at day job
  • pack
  • camp out on YouTube to avoid packing
  • make airplane playlists
  • buy new music from Lady Antebellum, Ben Rector, Shane & Shane, needtobreathe to add to airplane playlists
  • return unworn clothes to Old Navy to recoup money spent on new music
  • clean house
Rabbit Sidebar: I paid my mother in Hobby Lobby cash to clean my house before my housesitter moved in. Before Mom arrived, I cleaned the house. Why do we do that? We're filthy animals and people probably know. Why must we try to trick them?

So no archived posts. But if you type "hooter hider" into the search engine on the right of my Rabbits page, you'll be entertained. Money back guarantee.

Unrelated question: What television show should I be watching right now? 

I'll go first in the comments.

{image: manipulated by Jamie}

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