The Post About TV Kids I Wouldn't Want To Parent

I'm fond of the TV show Parenthood.

I love Adam Braverman and Joel Graham and Mark Cyr. I love the premise and plot.

What I don't love is Haddie Braverman.
  • 17-year-old daughter of Adam and Kristina. 
  • Caught with drugs.
  • Whines.
  • Pocket dials her parents in the midst of having sex with her older boyfriend who used to be homeless.
  • Whines a lot.
I wouldn't want to parent Haddie. I would push her out of a moving minivan.

Here's 5 more TV kids I'm not interested in raising.

1. Candace Flynn, Phineas & Ferb
Obsessive, controlling, panicky, and paranoid. I'm pretty sure I was her carbon copy at 15. So, not good.

2. Stephanie Tanner, Full House
Jealous of one sister and annoying to the other. How rude, indeed. And those bangs. I can't help a girl who clearly can't help herself.

3. Scrappy Doo, Scooby-Doo
More like Scrappy Doo Doo. Acted tough as nails, but he's a faker. His uncle should have let him at 'em and then we would have been free from this irritating pup.

4. Henry Mills, Once Upon A Time
JUST LISTEN YOU STUBBORN FAIRYTALE PUNK. I wouldn't want to be Henry's mom, but I'd definitely want him as my lawyer. You know, if I ever needed it.

5. Harriet Brindle, Small Wonder
Nosy and hyperactive and solely focused on capturing the heart of a boy. Wait, that doesn't sound so bad when I type it out. Those are really adorable qualities.

Add to the list. Which TV kids would you not want in your custody? 

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