The Post About Mary Poppins Trumping Wikus van de Merwe

March Madness is my favorite. I've won my basketball bracket two years running based on the complex system of coolness of mascot and hotness of coach.


However, this year is extra special since I'm personally making an appearance in the 2nd Annual March Movie Madness hosted by Clay Morgan.

This bracket pits the best film protagonists against one another and I'm hoping for a Cinderella sweep!

In this performance, the role of Cinderella will be played by Mary Poppins.

Mary's first matchup is with Wikus van de Merwe. Umm...no.

Rabbit readers...help a nanny out by voting for her in Round 1 - Matchup 8.

If Ms. Poppins makes it to the Sweet Sixteen then I'll throw in an extra rabbit giveaway for March. Winning for all.

PLUS, you can complete your own bracket to win your own snazzy Hello Somebody watch. And the pride of knowing its official - you're awesome at sports.

Might I also suggest a vote for Harry Potter and Lando Calrissian in Round 1 as well? Both good folks.

Who would you want representing you as the best movie hero?

{image: Jamie}

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