The Post About How You Protect Your Privacy Online

This week I'm presenting a training to social workers and child advocates on the topic of online privacy.

Writing a blog outlining every detail of your life is simply one of the many things you might want to avoid.

Those who can...do. Those who can't...teach conference workshops.

Here's the training description. Pay attention Rabbit Readers because I have questions for you.

Internet Invasion: Protecting Your Online Privacy: In the past few years, we have seen the rise and dominance of social media and interactive websites. This participatory type of online activity facilitates information sharing, creativity, collaboration, and network building. Good things. However, there is a trade-off: privacy invasion. This invasion occurs as sites collect personal information and use it for marketing purposes. The invasion continues as information shared online can often be accessed by strangers and predators. This workshop will show professionals how to help kids (and adults) stay safe online, manage their reputation and outsmart advertisers. We will tackle each of the following topics: 
1. Safety: interactivity, cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate material. 
2. Online Marketing: How marketers build brand loyalty and the collection of personal data. 
3. Credibility of Online Information: Learning how to question what you read online.

I know you're already jealous you're going to miss it, so here's the content of one of my 89 slides.

Happy Birthday
*Don’t put your full birth date on Internet profiles.*
Identity thieves use birth dates as cornerstones of their craft. If you want friends on social-networking sites to know your birthday, try just the month and day, and leave off the year. Since some online profiles won't let you move forward without providing the full date, simply pick a "fake" birthday and use it.
I always wanted my birthstone to be Sapphire so my online birthday is in September. I bought sapphire earrings to celebrate.

What tips do you have? Have you had your privacy invaded online? What did you learn from it?Are you a online predator?

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