The Post About Which Disney Prince Is The Best

Rabbit Sidebar: This post is not about Disney princesses. However, I like to take any opportunity to acknowledge my distaste for Ariel. Yes, I drew that. No copyright infringement intended.

I recently got into a debate with another blogger and then twitter followers and then friends at real-life meals over which Disney Prince is the best. Here's 8 of the most well-known princes and my take on each. I included some opinions from Rabbit Chasers who shared their thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Prince Adam (Beauty & The Beast)
 No discussion. He is the best. He is an abused kid who struggles with demons. Redemption on the way. He imprisons Belle but lets her go when he learns her Dad is sick. Family man.

For the record, I may actually have a real crush on the post-Beast cartoon.  

John Smith (Pocahontas)
I am strangely drawn to a guy who ends up falling for his stalker. However, John leaves her behind over a pesky little detail like needing medical attention. NOT COOL.

Flynn Ryder (Tangled)
He's the classic bad boy who gives up his wild ways for love. Plus, SHE actually saves him.

Yes, please, and thank you.

Jamie must fancy a little co-dependence.

Aladdin (Aladdin)

I know. I should love him. He's an orphan who's also a thief (bad boy.) But no.

However, you seem to be a fan.

Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty)
Two words: Good. Kisser.

Prince Naveen (Princess & The Frog)
He is a train wreck. And I'm guessing the real reason he doesn't haven't any funds is because of all the baby mamas he has to support. No.

Prince Charming (Cinderella)
For better or worse, Cinderella had my heart from day one. The movie Ever After only cemented my adoration for this tale. He's the original...a keeper.

Prince Eric (The Little Whatever)
Many of you would rank him #1.


I cannot abide by a guy who falls in love for me for a singing voice. I mean, I sing in my living room as though I'm an understudy for Adele or Beyonce. The reality is my impressive skill is being able to grab one serving of exactly 27 Cheez-its from the box every time.

Finally, let's let Sam flesh it out for us.

So how about you? Which Disney Prince is the best? The worst?

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