The Post About Fonts and Music and Mints

I'm a rabbit chaser. But you probably gathered that...

I don't just chase the bunnies here. I do it in work meetings, at family dinners, surfing the web. Every day is a battle to stay on task.

It started with a tweet.

My friend Rachel, the phenom from Grasping for Objectivity, tweeted this the same day.

I thought "I need to write a blog post draft about fonts."

But I suddenly chased a rabbit: "How great is Amy Grant? I loved her album Lead Me On. I want to listen to it. I wonder if it's on Spotify. Oh look, it is. Amy's eyebrows are so unruly. I wonder if I need to pluck my eyebrows. I do. I think my tweezers are in my purse. Ooohhh...mints. I wish I had gum. There's gum in the breakroom. I think I need coffee. Is there creamer in the fridge? My leftover lunch is in here from yesterday. Is it bad to eat a fish taco for an afternoon snack? If I eat that then I'll have bad breath. I wonder if I have any mints. I'll go check my purse."

Three takeaways for you:
1. Papyrus is a tragic typeface that ruins perfectly good words.
2. Amy Grant's Lead Me On is one of my favorite 10 albums of all time. 
3. I have mints if you need one. Just tell me to check my purse.

What font dismays you? What forgotten album do you adore? Do you have mints?

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