The Post About Ryan Lochte and 10,000 Other Athletes

DSC_3638 copy

The torch is on its way.

DSC_3639 copy

We've chosen our athletes.

DSC_3643 copy

They're hoping for gold.

DSC_3630 copy

It's the Olympics.

I've always been a fan. Seriously, it's my only option. I'm 5'2" and run like an Ewok. So the athletic bulletin board was never one I lingered over when choosing extracurricular filler.

But I am a fan. I watch. I yell. I realize the worst part of losing...is not winning.

The Olympics are a whirlwind of awesome I adore. So for the next two weeks, I'll be camped out watching and yelling and hoping we win.


Which Olympic events are your favorite? Which athlete are you keeping your eye on? Besides Ryan Lochte.

{images: Jamie}

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