The Post About Random Rabbit Pictures

Finding time to write has been difficult. Between the eating and the sleeping, it's almost all I can do to wash clothes. This is why one article of clothing I have on today is not as fresh as the others.

Let's leave it at that.

But I do have time for pictures, so let's review.

This year I've been attempting #photoaday developed by Fat Mum Slim. I'm in it to win it 95% of the time. But in order to maintain this batting average, I sometimes do something reprehensible.

Instagram and Drive.

I know...it's bad. I'm stopping. Just one more cigarette picture and I'll quit.

Last week, the day's picture prompt was "arrow." I thought "How fun would it be to get more than one arrow? Where is more than one? On the road. How convenient. I'll slow down and do that."

And then my car died on the 4-lane road. Right in front of the arrows. So there's that.

I have a general rule about not eating at sit-down chain restaurants, particularly if they have food in the name.

I find their food to be less-than. Plus, they aren't generally owned by locals and I like to support the 'ham as much as possible. 

But there is one exception. And its name is "Breadsticks of Life." Hubba hubba.

Speaking of locally owned. If you happen to live in Birmingham or drive through Birmingham or want to drive through Birmingham and eat food with me, then consider Slice Pizza and Brew. They donate 10% of their Tuesday proceeds to local nonprofits and that's just good business. Plus, the above was scrumptious.

"Soul Pie" Pizza: Turnip Greens, Black Eye Peas, Conecuh Sausage, Grilled Red Onion, Pepper Jack & Cheddar Cheese. That was chased by a S'mores Calzone. MARSHMALLOWS Y'ALL.

I do everything Entertainment Weekly tells me to do and Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn was considered a must-read. I'm 80% done and... HOLY MOLY WITH THE TWISTY TURNS AND JUNK.

Last night I had to stop reading and put my iPad outside of my locked bedroom. And turn on a night-light.

It's that good.

This is week #1 of healthy eating and I think I'm doing an amazing job.

Trust me, I have a plan.

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And "special" may be misleading.

Do you have rules about where you'll eat? Do you combine healthy habits with bad habits? Do you like Olive Garden?

{images: Jamie}

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