The Post About The Rabbit Recommends v.114

Each week or so I post things of which I'm fond. You can choose what happens after my recommendation. Ignore, embrace, debate. Earlier volumes of The Rabbit Recommends can be found here.

I wish more families sent me Christmas cards like this - you know...reality. 

Did you wonder who the the 30 most important cats of 2012 were? Yes...there are videos.

I don't understand why this volleyball player didn't spike this ball and then simply pretend to drop the mic.

Type "Festivus" into Google and start your list of grievances.

I can't wait for this year's Golden Globes because of these two.

Entertainment Weekly highlights 25 movies you should see before Oscar night. As of today, I've seen 6. I don't understand why Step Up 4 is not on this list.

Apple released the Best Apps of 2012. I downloaded The Room (iPad game of the year) and was simultaneously in love and freaked out. {creepy sound effects}

I'm giving away a $40 Amazon gift card here on the blog and $50 Outlets of Grand River on the Jamie's Rabbits Facebook page.

Finally, a few serious recommendations regarding the serious tragedy in Newtown, CT.

Jared Hollier writes about how overwhelming moments of grief today often lead us to remember that there is a tomorrow. “It’s not supposed to be like this. But it is. For now."

Nicholas Kristof asks the crucial question "Do We Have The Courage To Stop This?" in his Sunday column of the New York Times. He doesn't support a ban on guns, but rather treat it as the public health crisis that it is. "And don’t say that it won’t make a difference because crazies will always be able to get a gun. We’re not going to eliminate gun deaths, any more than we have eliminated auto accidents. But if we could reduce gun deaths by one-third, that would be 10,000 lives saved annually." 

Rachel Held Evans asks those on social media such as Twitter and Facebook to consider withholding judgment on those who grieve differently than we might prefer. "So let’s grieve together. And let’s give one another the space to be shocked, to be pissed, to appeal to God, to be angry with God, to find peace in God, to question God, to want to take action, to want to wait, to blame, to pray, to be afraid, to be speechless, to vent, to lament, to speak up, to be silent, to pull our families close to us, to need some time alone." 

Last night's cold open for Saturday Night Live:

What you do you recommend from the web this week?

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