The Post About Finding Blood in Your Belly Button

As I've gotten older, I've become more discriminating about my friends and how we spend our time.

Specifically, I enjoy folks who like to eat out and hang out. My taste in food has matured over the years, but my taste in chatter hasn't always kept up.

Recently, a group of us found a patio on an unusually warm December night and played my favorite conversation starter.

Google Fills In The Blank.

As you may know, when you type inside the Google search box, autocomplete displays searches that might be similar to the one you're typing. The predictions are a result of Google searches by people all over the web.

The next time you're gathered with people you love, choose a prompt and see what goodness Google has in store.

Here's a sample of that night's patio babble.

Google knows me so well. I have actually searched for all of those but one.

I know why ice floats.

I'm pretty sure #2 and #3 will make #4 a breeze.

I find people lie when they are ovulating.

GUYS. Kids may be overrated.

Spoiler Alert: All of the above.

This is why Google autocomplete wins the Internet.

And conversations with friends.

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