The Post About Rebelling Against What Others Adore

I'm a follower from way back. If you say get in, sign up, or come here, then I'll obey.

It's not that I NEVER lead. However, it's usually less impressive leadership and more ADD-fueled bossiness.

As for my followshipping, I tend to like most things other people generally like.
  • Taylor Swift
  • The Walking Dead
  • Fountain Drinks
  • Boots & Tights 
  • Turn Signals
But there are some exceptions.

Recently, my friend Rachel tweeted the following:

My rebellious list included the following:

Let me explain.

1. Candy Corn. I think this sings the same siren song of Girl Scout Cookies. Since we can only access it certain times a year, we are convinced it's the sweetest and most divine treat. I don't think it actually is.

2. Dancing With The Stars. The spray tans and pending wardrobe malfunctions keep me off this bandwagon. But I do fancy Tom Bergeron.

3. Ellie Goulding. I want to love Lights. I want to love Anything Could Happen. Electro-pop makes me think of those karaoke sets that made your voice sound weird in the 80s. It was my toy, not my musical inspiration.

4. Curlz. This is the new Comic Sans. So...not that great.

5. Inside Scarves. I like YOUR inside scarf. Even you hipster 20-somethings who should consider a bath and a snack. I'm sorta shaped like an Ewok and Ewoks can't rock neckwear. Ever.

So it's time for you to answer Rachel's question...

What's popular that you have purposely or accidentally rebelled against?


The Post About Micro Blogging

I just disappeared from the blog. For 33 days.

Is that Biblical? It seems Biblical. Let's pretend it's Biblical.

Although I was absent from this semi-long-form of thinking and outlining and writing down thoughts, I still had thoughts.

However, those thoughts never made it past 140 characters on Twitter.

Here's a sample.

Don't fret...I'm now back to expanding these musings to at least 750 characters.

And there will be pictures. Probably. Maybe.

What are your < 140 character thoughts? 

For the record, there is no actual rabbit consequence for commenting with more characters than that.


The Post About Blog Rising From the Dead

I've missed you. I've also missed John Stamos on prime time TV.

I can remedy one of those.

Rabbit chasing resumes on Monday.

{image: Jamie}
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