The Post About The Bachelor: For The Love

I think if you get to know me, there are a few things you'd discern. I like to know a lot. I like to laugh a lot. I like to eat out a lot.

You would also know Monday night was a very important time in my life.
1. The University of Alabama secured another national championship.
2. The 17th season of The Bachelor premiered.

That second one may seem silly for a smart and worldly gal like myself, but there is nothing better than being a voyeur for 10-12 weeks of reality crazy found on The Bachelor and its slightly grumpier sister The Bachelorette.

Plus, you get the following:
1. Live Twitter Feed. Following the hashtag #TheBachelor during the episode will make you giggle and gasp and shake your head at the goodness found on The Internet. Including my favorite from this season's bachelor Sean Lowe.

2. Episode Recaps from Knox McCoy. Other than the Bible, there is nothing better or funnier you could read each week.

3. Podcast from Yours Truly: For Love. I get to chat with Knox about our take on each episode. It's one of my favorite conversations. Click below to take a listen.

But all these things are made possible because of the episodes themselves. Join us this season for the comedy and tragedy that is The Bachelor.

Watch Episode 1: (embedded)

Listen to the Podcast (embedded)

Do you watch The Bachelor? Why or Why Not?

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