The Post About Cake Pop Nationalism

It's National Cake Pop Day.

I hope you celebrate by eating one. Or six. Or have a doughnut. Or some goat cheese. Or whatever is not paleo.


Here's a sampling of some of my recent creations...

You only turn 1 and fall in love with tea parties once. #cakepops
These pots were for a one-year-old's tea party. Most infants don't drink tea, unless you're in the South and then sweet tea and sippy cups were made for each other. This explains our teeth.

My favorite Lego stocking stuffer. #cakepops
These Lego heads were for an adult man with a wife and kids. I appreciate people who do not grow up. Growing up has not had the effect on me that one might have hoped. I'm good with that.

Traded these for a New York Strip. #rolltide
Roll Tide! Or Go Beyoncé! Whatever your football preference.

I should have shown the Post Office the heart sprinkle so they'd know where to drop these off. #lost #cakepops
These little earths were for a going away party with heart sprinkles in the arrival and departure destinations. Through this project I learned I'm obviously ethnocentric since the only part of the planet I can draw is the United States. And even then, I generally left off Texas.

FORE! #cakepops
I've learned in golf, whether mini or maxi, that the key to improving your score is to hold the scorecard.

Sometimes the ADD is too powerful. #cakepops
Did you sing it in your head? Don't. It will buy some land and never leave.

Valentine's Cake Pops
May your plans this Valentine's Day make all your single friends extra irritated.

{images: Jamie}

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