The Post About Judgey Jamie and Her Hold on Me

This one time I thought I'd get you to hold me accountable to writing blog posts. So I made my intentions known.

So...you waited. And I didn't write.
I didn't even write three. It was only one.

When live tweeting the Oscars, I was called out.
There was no excuse.
So what are the real reasons I haven't been writing?
1. Work. I like to write posts during lunch at the day job, but January and February are my busiest months. So lately, lunch has been inhaling an oatmeal creme pie while deleting all the extra spaces coworkers put after periods. Time-consuming.

2. Podcasting. I entered the mature an complex world of podcasting by recapping The Bachelor each week with my friend Knox McCoy. It takes a lot of my free time to pause the episode every 7 minutes to figure out the design of a contestant's hip tattoo or stare at Sean Lowe's bare chest.

3. Judgey Jamie. She's real. And she's abominable. She wants posts to be hilarious or moving or candidate pieces for a literary prize. Since I'm not really that type of writer, my post about how hard it is to plug things in while in the dark goes unpublished.

My friend and not-bad blogger Katherine held me accountable to write this post while we sipped coffee at Barnes & Noble. She suggested I should avoid making declarative statements about how many posts I'm going to write in a month. I should just write.

I'm really going to take her advice.


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