The Bachelor Podcast: Women Tell All. For Love

It was good for me.

Last night was my favorite episode of each season of The Bachelor - the Women Tell All.
All the booted contestants gather in a room with great lighting and a boisterous studio audience and are asked to relive being dumped on national television.

It's delicious.

You can watch the entire episode on www.abc.com.

 Best line of the night: 
“I’m not calling you a liar,” Tierra said to AshLee, “I’m saying, ‘You lied to me.’”

Knox McCoy and I recap the episode in our Xtra Bacon Podcast.

Click here to listen to it (and click here to subscribe). 

What are your predictions? Who will win? Who wrote the letter to Sean? What happened to Tierra's dent? Who will be the next Bachelorette? Is Sarah the worst? 

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