The Post About Weaning Off Candy Crush

Candy Crush is the best and the worst thing that can ever happen to you.

For the pure in spirit, Candy Crush is a Facebook game that can also be played on your smartphone. It has more than 600 million game sessions daily and it generates over $875,000 in revenue EVERY SINGLE DAY.

My name is Jamie and I am a Candy Crush addict.  HI JAMIE.

Let me correct that...I WAS an addict.

This happened. Pinky swears.

It was absolutely necessary. An intervention was pending. I made 3 poor decisions.

1. I downloaded the Candy Crush app.
2. I spent $19.80 of God's money on app features while trying to advance in the game.
3. I altered my phone settings in order to get more lives and then broke my clock.

I knew it was time to stop. For the sake of my family and friends and pocketbook.

When someone stops using, he or she often experiences withdrawal symptoms. According to the internet, there are some common symptoms. I experienced them all after deleting Candy Crush from my phone. 

Anxiety: What do I do while I'm waiting in this line? What if people are staring at me? Why are they staring at me? What's on my face? Are they staring at me because I'm rubbing my face? 

Irritability: Why aren't my Words With Friends opponents immediately taking their turn after I take my turn? Are they not smart enough to figure out a SIMPLE WORD? 

Insomnia: How do I get to sleep at night if I don't have the drip drop sound of candy pieces? 

Depression: I was on level 200 when I quit. WILL I EVER EXPERIENCE HAPPINESS IN MY LIFE AGAIN? 

Social Isolation: I'm pretty sure clicking publish on this post will lead to this... I'll miss you.

What's something harmless you had to give up before it took over your life?

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