The Post About Instagram Commentary: Food Edition

Here are a few additional thoughts on some Instagram food photos I recently posted. 

I appreciate working with folks who plan in advance.

Most in my life have learned my love language is snack foods. This "conversation" was with a coworker who was planning ahead. But I'm actually not a sweets person. I talk the idea of being the "salt of the earth" to heart. To my disease-ridden, artery-clogged heart. Amen.

What is your love language for favors?

Cowabunga. #cakepops

My godson turned 6 years old this month. He requested the above for his classmates. I am Michelangelo. He is described as "...the comic relief. While he loves to relax and eat pizza, this Turtle also has an adventurous and creative side." I LOVE TO RELAX.

Which Ninja Turtle are you?

My love for this 67-year-old birthday boy outweighs eating dinner at 5pm. Here.
My Dad's birthday was Friday and he requested to eat here. At 5pm. I must love my father because I ate at twilight at a chain restaurant with food in the name.

Where do you eat against your will because of love?

Papyrus is to fonts as yellow is to Starburst.

Starburst are the original juicy couture. However, NO ONE HAS TIME FOR YELLOW. Yellow is the Papyrus of fonts. It's the Clara of Doctor Who companions. It's the Kevin of Jonas Brothers.

What's your least favorite of something?

Sometimes you have breakfast for dinner like the Alderaanian Princess you are.

My friend Katherine gave me a set of Star Wars pancake molds. She said she had 4 kids and no time to be this detailed in the mornings. Since I am childless, I have plenty of time and energy. I wanted to be Princess Leia when I grew up. I still sorta do...

What fictional character did you want to be when you grew up?

{images: Jamie}

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