The Post About Love and Sex at Church

I know many of you embrace January as a chance to focus on healthier relationships. I am among you as I try to improve my relationships with my neighbors and cheese.

Not enough time with one, too much with the other.

Perhaps you're thinking more about working on your romantic relationship. I would like to work on ANY romantic relationship in 2014.

Enter Stage Right: My Pastor.

This past year, my church had a series on The Song of Solomon called Love Story.

I fancy a sermon series that tackles a book of the Bible chapter by chapter AND proves to be invaluable in the daily.

Week 1: The Art of Attraction.
"The first focus of attraction should be spiritual." I have some work to do in this area. I'm also working through the fact that Bradley Cooper and I may not end up together because of this.

Week 2: A Season for Everything
"Don't focus on finding the right person. Focus on becoming the right person." Ugh. And guess what? The reward for being the right person may not be Chris Hemsworth or another fella with Disney prince forearms. It may just be being a right person.

Week 3: Great Sex.
Yep. We talked about coitus. But God's way. Which made my face turn red so it's not what you expect.

Week 4: Trouble in Paradise.
Is it possible to fight well in a relationship? Solomon shows us how. 

Week 5: Deeper Love.
My parents have been married almost 44 years. I'm all about it.

Week 6: Till Death Do Us Part.
This was the toughest week for most couples according to my scientifically sound survey of 9 people.

Each of these links lets you watch the video or listen to the audio and download those files as well. It's free.

What's your best tip for finding romance or growing romance or simply keeping it alive?

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