The Post About Muting People on Twitter

I'm celebrating 5 years on Twitter. That's one of the most committed relationships I've ever had with something that wasn't cheese. 

If you're not already tweeting, join us. It truly is my favorite thing on the Internet. 
Tied with cat videos.

And to get you started, I'll point you to my favorite go-to Beginner's Guide to Twitter by Michael Hyatt (@michaelhyatt).

For those of us already tweeting, the network rolled out a new feature this week: mutingMuting a user on Twitter means their tweets and retweets will no longer be visible in your home timeline.

The first question about muting is this:

I'm southern and I'm always concerned with wrapping things "in pretty." An unfollow is prettier if it's just an anonymous mute. The real-life equivalent is hiding behind shelves of toilet paper to dodge people you know in Wal-Mart.

What other reasons might you mute someone? Why might you end up being muted? I asked Twitter and it answered. Here's a sample of the responses that are good lessons for Facebook too. Let's pay close attention.

Note: Posting more than 10-15 times each day is a lot (not counting replies). Step away from your computersmartphonetablet and pluck your eyebrows. Or parent your children.

Note: I mute folks who post pictures of their feet for the same reason. 

Note: Joseph cannot be motivated. 

Note: Even Jesus wouldn't Jesus Juke himself.

Note: What if I change my hair part? Can I keep posting then?

Note: Be better than retweeting compliments.

Note: Tweet using the hashtag #citbh and you'll be in my new secret club.
Note: Twitter parties are not better than real parties. Because dips.

Note: Roll Tide.

Follow me on Twitter: @jamiesrabbits. I promise to only be worthy of muting 5% of the time.

Why do you mute or unfollow someone on social media?

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