The Post About What I Would Do If I Could

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If I could...

1.  I would snip my hair into a bob with bangs like Reese Witherspoon and my head size and face shape would not impact how awesome I look. 

2. I would sing like Joy Williams and write songs like Sara Bareilles

3. I would wear false eyelashes everyday and get manicures every week.

4. I would only eat cheez-its, hummus and drink gallons of sweet tea and still lose weight.

5. I would travel in my time machine to the 8th grade and convince myself not to wear anything that tapers. 

6. I would say "yes" to a marriage proposal from Taylor Kitsch, Killian Jones or an owner of a Chick-Fil-A.

7. I would carry the Alexander McQueen Pebbled Padlock Shopper Tote in Red and skip to brunch.

8. I would say things like "You're fly, sugar pie!" to the cashier at every store.

9. I would add on a screened in porch to my house and be featured in Southern Living magazine.

10. I would click "Last Minute Deals" on travelocity and then go wherever they said.

What would you do if you could?

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