The Post About Instagram Commentary

Here are a few additional thoughts on some Instagram photos I recently posted. 

I'm a member of See Jane Write, a network of women writers. In the last year or so, SJW has hosted three events about writing a book and I've attended all three. I keep thinking I want to write a book. Then I remember how difficult it is to write 500 words here and the nap required immediately after I manage to do so.

In the workshop represented by the photo above, the author mentioned taking roundtrip train trips from Birmingham to New Orleans in order to get her pages done. However, I just read The Girl on the Train and I can't even ride the train at the zoo anymore.

Have you ever wanted to write a book? 

Isn't coffee the dreamiest? My parents drank Folgers instant when I was growing up and I thought it was possibly the worst drink ever. Then my college roommate Angie introduced me to coffee beans. Then my friend Jason introduced me to french press. Then my friend Patrick introduced me to an automatic frother. I want you to meet them too.

How do you drink your coffee?

Erin, Megan, Lauren and I drove to Atlanta on a school night to see Ben Howard at The Tabernacle. He's the hat trick - British, Singer, and Songwriter. This song, In Dreams, produces levels of serotonin comparable to macaroni and cheese. I know this, because it's on my serotonin playlist.

What artist or song would be on your serotonin playlist?

I tested positive for the flu last week. It floored me for five solid days. I simply moved from the bed to the couch and back again, dragging the duvet around like a lost, feverish child. How do moms and dads get well since kids don't care if you're dying and sleepy? My mother dropped supplies on my porch multiple times during my black plague. You guys...everyone needs a mom.

What is your go-to comfort when you're sick?

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