The Post About Beth Moore Thinking My Mom was a Drug Dealer

My last post was inspired by an article on Christianity Today "What Happens When We See Women Teach the Bible."

This piece made complete sense because of two women: Jan Golden and Beth Moore.

The former, my mother, has been an adult Sunday School teacher for as long as I can remember. Her Bible riddled with notes and lines highlighting scripture that resonates.

The latter has been a staple on my bookshelf since the 90s. The first book she published was the first I read: To Live is Christ. My long-suffering relationship with the apostle Paul (I'm Peter in every bumbling, brash way) was resolved with this detailed study.

These two women of God recently collided.

On Twitter, I follow both Beth Moore and her daughter, Amanda Jones. Therefore, I see their tweets to each other in my timeline.

This is a simple and sweet exchange. I replied.

This is a picture of my Mom's cell phone. She has to add minutes to it at a kiosk. It's untraceable by the FBI.

Beth, kindly replied.

YOU GUYS. She thought my mom was an actual drug dealer. It was the most magical moment I've ever had on Twitter. Including that time I had to win over Natalie Grant.

For the record, it's a Baptist church, so no good wine - just grapefruit juice.

My next move was to call my mother and read this exchange verbatim to her.

I did. It still includes a welcome window reading "Merry Christmas from Me" when she turns it on.


I'm so glad Jan and Beth met.

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