The Post about DG

How familiar does this sound? You are patiently waiting by the radio with your blank tape ready to press "record" so you can catch the Garth Brooks song you requested approximately 2 hours earlier.

Or how about this scenario? You spend $18 on a CD because you love the newest song by a fab new artist, only to discover that Rico Suave will be the only hit off that album.

One more... You download dozens (of perhaps hundreds) of songs you found being "shared" by a new friend in Wisconsin on a little site called Kazaa. Who knew that none of those methods were ideal (or legal)?

But now - we have iTunes and other Hydrox sites that shall not be compared to the Oreo of all music stores. I thought it was a savior in an Internet window. Considering I struggle with what professionals call "delayed gratification" (aka DG) this has not really been the case. I can estimate a total of 570 songs I have purchased online in less than 2 years, plus another 40+ CDs I bought in the store.

Too much.

Why? You partner the DG with ADD and there is never enough music. Steve Jobs? You're welcome.

Of course, if you are really interested in some great music - might I recommend my latest download: Albertine by Brooke Fraser.

She is super snazzy and perfect for a rainy night like this. (I am an enabler.)

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