The Post about the Sabbath

I am sitting at Books-A-Million with two fun friends and we were chatting about the Sabbath. One of their friends, who is a Christian, observes the Sabbath on it's Biblical basis from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday. He does not go to places that are open on this day as part of his commitment. An honorable task.

My friend Caryann mocks me for my love for a bookstore, that is Christian in mission, but is open seven days a week. No Sabbath for its employees. Is that okay? Should I shop there? (even though the coupons that are abundant in nature help me be a good steward of my money...)

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  1. Since I always curse Chic Fil A every Sunday when I have a craving for a chicken biscuit, I must say that I am a part of the problem when it comes to Sunday operating hours. Mucho love!!!


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