The Post About Lucky 8's

It is 08.08.08. What a great day to remember, right? My dear friends, Courtney and Anthony (see right), are getting married. I had wondered why they had chosen a Friday, but now Anthony will never forget his anniversary... Good call.

As a wedding gift, I bought them a party pack. Also known as a staycation stash. Fun things to do when low on cash or stuck at home - play-doh, sudoku books, board games, etc. At first, it would seem an odd gift for newlyweds, but CoCo and Anthony are unique.

1. They are HUGELY competitive. CoCo doesn't ever give up the good fight. She actually only fights the fights she will probably win because she is that competitive. Games are a good choice.

2. Anthony is quoted at saying he "can't wait for the wedding to be over so he can go to Disney World." Note that he didn't mention any other fun part of a honeymoon. Toys are a good choice.

Congrats little ones!

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