The Post About Painting

The lovely Tammy Stringfellow leads a class once a quarter called "Masterpiece." She guides us through a great painting and we try to replicate.

is definitely the operative word.

Here is my effort from last night:

I wish I had taken a photograph of the picture after an hour - it was tragic. My efforts at blending were failing miserably. I did something I normally avoid - which was ask for help. Tammy came, she took about 6 strokes and suddenly I was back on track. The final piece turned out pretty good (if I do say so myself.)

It's just like life. If we stop in the middle of anything - haircut, cutting the grass, book, or especially a crisis - the situation can seem tragic. But we haven't seen the final picture. It can also turn out pretty good.

What should this teach us? Patience. Endurance. And Patience.


  1. I love this painting! When are these classes? I want to come!

  2. What do you think about having them on Sunday afternoons after church? We might could get more people who could come!


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