The Post About Traffic

I pride myself on being a good driver. Say it with me "Jamie is a good driver." See how that sounded so "right?"

Well it is only partially true. I really don't speed or tailgate or fail to use my blinkers or u-turn or rubberneck. These are all habits of a good driver. My failure comes in terms of multitasking while driving. I have been known to do the following while behind the wheel:
  • Putting on makeup.
  • Talking on the phone.
  • Texting on the phone.
  • Googling on the phone.
  • Reading a magazine
  • Watching a movie.
  • Changing clothes.
  • Collating folders for a presentation.
  • Straigtening my hair.

Probably not the best choices.

1 comment:

  1. You are such a good driver. Did I mention how much I love the noise it makes when you start to run off the road? Yeah, that's my favorite.


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