The Post About Umi

While I was at the store yesterday waiting to check out - I saw this:Here's the sales pitch:
The first-ever So Truly Real® collectible baby monkey doll, by renowned doll artist Wendy Dickison and available only from Ashton-Drake
• Included FREE pacifier to keep Umi feeling loved and secure
•This incredible collectible orangutan baby doll is perfect in every detail, with head and limbs crafted of collector-quality silicone that recreates every realistic detail of her face, hands and feet
•You'll be entranced by Little Umi's gentle eyes, thick dark lashes and her all-over wispy red hair, meticulously rooted by hand for a totally natural look
•Little Umi arrives dressed in an adorable pink baby outfit with a heart detail and the word "Sweetheart" on the front
•Certificate of Authenticity
Cost? $139.99

While I was in Mexico, I saw this monkey on a leash and she was the family pet.

And we think we are better than Mexico? Umm...no.


  1. YES! I've been waiting for my own personal doll orangutan! Why did it take them so long to come up with a toy that we so OBVIOUSLY need?

  2. Bahahah. You find very interesting things. Jellyfish and monkeys. Hmmm.


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