The Post About Ron and Picabo

My parents are great - smart, funny, and compassionate. And when it comes to gossip - they don't really struggle in the least. So much so, that when they have a juicy nugget of information, they don't even realize it.

Exhibit A:
I was driving with my parents to the beach last Thanksgiving and we saw a "Ron Paul for President" sign. I start talking about his views on different issues and my mother shares that he is "very nice." I asked if she had met him. She says "Honey, he was my OB/GYN and delivered your brother." Nugget.

Exhibit B:
I was eating dinner with them last night and referenced a hopeful trip to Snowmass, CO to go skiing this winter. My parents state that I should ask Picabo Street what she thinks. I ask them how I might go about chatting with the champion olympic skier. My Dad says "She goes to our church." Nugget. (This one is of particular interest because my parents live in a rural community in Alabama.)

Both are true and insignificant in their eyes.

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  1. Very familiar with the rural area you speak of - LOL...found your blog while surfing!


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