The Post About Halloween Pranks

My house is a very, very, very fine house. But not with 2 cats in the yard. No.

I have been hit more times than I can count. And by "hit" I mean vandalized in some form or fashion. Here are a sample of the crimes my property has endured:
  • Classic toilet papering in the trees and bushes
  • The lyrics to "Milkshake" written on my car windows
  • 500 plastic forks shoved into my yard (I know the # because they left the box behind)
  • 10 Republican campaign signs posted in my yard - twice.
  • My car lifted up in the air with multiple tire jacks
  • Spray snow on every window of my house and car
  • Leaves raked from an elderly woman's yard during a mission project piled in my carport
  • My car covered in post-it notes and filled with packing peanuts

And the best...I was in Atlanta visiting my college roommate and when I returned home after midnight, my home had been broken into and Christmas decorations were everywhere. A 6 foot tree fully decorated in the dining room. Christmas ornaments hanging from light fixtures. The whole she-bang.

The question you might ask is "Why?" My neighbors say it's a sign of affection and I will choose to lean on that assumption. However, it might have something to do with my own poor choices. It's probably less affection and more payback. Don't you love a great prank?

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