The Post About Scary Movies

I really do not enjoy scary movies. My friend, Jennifer Lynch, once said "I don't invite fear into my life." Ever since she passed on that little tidbit of wisdom, I have made that my personal policy.

However, here is my super short list of scary movies I have seen that ruined me and possibly the seat in which I was sitting.
1. Silence of the Lambs - Sociopathy at its best and worst. Plus, everytime I use lotion, I think about what a great dress my skin will make. Not a good lotion motivation.
2. Seven - Even a yummy Brad Pitt could not help me digest this. I did learn you should shave your fingertips in order to trip up the CSI investigating the crime you just committed.
3. Scream - I saw this with my college roomies. Then, they selfishly went out of town and left me in our creepy apartment on Lawrenceville Highway near the ghetto Kroger. A ringing phone has never caused me so much distress.

What would be on your pee-in-your-pants list?


  1. I was peer pressured into seeing Saw when I was 15. First, it was rated R so I felt guilty about that. Second, it was the best punishment for lying to the movie theater EVER. I totally got what I deserved. I didn't open my eyes the whole time. It was awful. I never went to another rated R movie before I turned 17 again.

  2. Gotta mention the original Nightmare On Elm Street. Back when Freddy Krueger was scary. Favorite moment, Johnny Depp getting eaten by a matress. Classic.

    But probably the scariest movie I've ever seen in the theater is "From Justin To Kelly". I was terrified someone would see me there watching it.


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