The Post About Highlights

Highlights magazine was one of my favorites as a kid. Hidden Pictures testing my vision and Goofus & Gallant testing my choices. This mild-mannered publication was one of the only good things about going to the dentist. Except for nitrous oxide - a very good thing.

Speaking of highlights, here are a few from my work trip to the beach (still there, just packed in a van headed to the next destination...):
**Ate at LuLu's and listened to a cajun house band that played Ain't Too Proud To Beg and Van Morrison in the same set. Learned from dinner conversation that one of my coworkers would eat a roach for a minimal amount of cash. She would also sleep with another co-worker's husband for approximately the same amount.
**Learned that three co-workers have lower back tattoos. None of them are hurrs.
**16 people pushing a Suburban are not enough to get it unstuck from the white sands of the gulf coast.

I am also listening to Ryan Adams while I type this - another highlight.

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