The Post About Working Girls

I am on a staff retreat for work. I actually have been looking forward to it since the moment it went on my calendar. I work with this crazy and passionate group of people. We all work very hard and like to play hard too, so some time away is both uber-productive and uber-fun.

Just a quick glance at some of my colleagues who may seem similar to some of your own:
(their names are changed to protect the "innocent")
1. Phil: "He" is actually one of my favorites. I love funny people especially when they have no clue of the hilarity. Phil is known for no filter and spraying his cat with Lysol when provoked.
2. Lester: "He" is the caretaker of the group. Always meeting needs and keeping things color-coded. He is a dog lover who is a fan of the 2nd amendment.
3. Risa: Her heart is too big for us to deserve. She is a friend to all. She geographically diversifies the group by hailing from Alaska. And she can even read.
4. Kim: She is the realist in the group, always challenging you to remember the boundaries. But she also keeps you sane in a crisis through her use of bubbles and chocolate.

This is just a random sample of a great group who kill me with their determination and compassion. I hope I reflect even a sliver of their light.

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