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This is me - feeding one of my addictions yesterday while I was two hours from home:Howard Schultz purchased Starbucks in 1987 (I got my 5th perm that year...). At the time, it was 6 small stores in Seattle. Howard almost passed on the chance. He said it felt like a case of the salmon swallowing the whale. Here is how Schultz describes the moment in his autobiography, Pour Your Heart Into It: "This is my moment, I thought. If I don’t seize the opportunity, if I don’t step out of my comfort zone and risk it all, if I let too much time tick on, my moment will pass. I knew that if I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, I would replay it in my mind for my whole life, wondering: What if?"

He paid 4 million for those 6 stores.

Less than five years later, on June 26, 1992 (I had a broken arm and foot that year) Starbucks’ stock went public. By the end of that day, its market capitalization equaled $273 million. Not too shabby.

Paul in Colossians 4:5 states: "...make the most of every opportunity."

I don't really have any liquid assets right now. Or gas or solid assets for that matter. But I know I can invest in people and disciplines that can reap dividends of heavenly proportions.

Carpe Diem!


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  2. Poor Starbucks is in trouble with the environment!

    Of course... I don't really think you can "WASTE" water...

    (And the above removed comment was the exact same comment, only without the is, so I had to fix it.)


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