The Post About Fonts

As many great tasks as I get to do at my job - there are always the duties that are less than glamorous. Those include filing, kitchen clean-up, inventory, and most recently, formatting our policy manual. This project is exactly as exciting as it sounds. Taking content from many, many sources and compiling the resulting 200 pages into 17 chapters and almost a dozen appendices. Riveting.

I was gifted this activity simply because I am more computer-savvy than most of my coworkers. But I work with social workers who love families more than software help menus.

As a reward for the drudgery, I made the executive decision to change the font of every document to one I liked. You see, Times New Roman makes me sad. Sad to type and sadder to read. It is too formal, even elitist. I would use Verdana or Tahoma, but they are for the creative. I don't consider myself worthy of either. (And I don't anticipate my left brain picking up the pace.)

So the new APAC Policy and Procedures manual is in Arial. I am sure our staff will now read the explanation of our database systems with baited breath.

Irony? This post is in TNR because I'm typing it on my phone.


  1. You must love the Builder then!!
    TNR is for the lazy people like me! LOL!

  2. Thank goodness! I can't wait until it is finished now so I can read every single page of the P&P!!


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