The Post About Plagues

These are my parents. Cute, huh? The guy on the right is my Dad. He really loves me. But, he doesn't really love my politics. I think his exact words to me once were "You're breaking your mother's heart." In the past year, that phrase seemed to be on a loop as the subject of so many of our conversations landed on the topic of government.

His dismay was never more evident than on November 5. As he called to wish me "Happy Birthday" his disappointment in the electorate was tangible. He explained to me that my voting choices would now render plagues upon my home. He is currently proving himself a prophet:
Plague #1: Strep throat, bronchitis, and a upper respiratory infection - I am on Day 9 of being unable to breathe or swallow without medicinal intervention.
Plague #2: Two lizards in my house in one week. Read my previous blog on how reptiles make my heart skip a beat (and not in the good way.)
Plague #3: A friend set me up with a cute friend of hers. After he had read this blog and studied my facebook profile, he was excited to ask me out (cue the giddy Jamie). Excited until he asked her who I voted for - he then decided not to pursue our romance.
Plague #4: I woke up yesterday to blemishes on my face that seemed to belong to a 14-year-old with a perm and Tiger Beat in her Trapper Keeper.

If my life follows a Biblical pattern (which normally I would embrace), then there are 6 more to come...thanks Dad.


  1. Ha! Yes, you should probably swap your party affiliation. Not because of your own personal morals or values. Just because--let's face it--republican dudes are waaaay better than liberal dudes. I mean really--who would you rather bring home to mom? Exaaaaactly.

  2. I'm going to stay quiet on the political front seeing as any talk regarding party affiliation will only lead to one of us being led away in handcuffs. Let's just hope you don't have to face a swarm of ladybugs!

  3. Don't worry, Jamie. My dad still loves you. (And still calls you his favorite little socialist). Do you still want steak sauce with your steak? :o)

  4. I think the next plague will involve you being the victim of impromptu karaoke by yours truly. *nod nod*


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