The Post About Thanks and No Thanks

Today, I am spending some great quality time with my duvet and my family. I have picked out some great books to curl up with and only plan to venture out once over the next three days. (We eat out on Thanksgiving - which is one of my favorite holiday traditions!)

Speaking of reading, I love a great book. However, I also enjoy a lesser-appreciated read in the genre known as magazines. Particularly, Entertainment Weekly. I love the columns by Diablo Cody, Jeff Jensen, and Stephen King. Yes, that Stephen King. After reading his articles for a couple of years now, I have decided we would be fast friends (despite the fear of cats he instilled in me through Pet Cemetery.)

His last article was just great - a thank you and no thank you to the universe. I decided to steal the format and write my own:

**Thanks for PBS' The Complete Jane Austen. You made me fall in love with Persuasian all over again. No thanks for the other television networks who cancelled shows I really liked (The Ex List, Pushing Daisies...)

**Thanks for JustJared, a great celebrity site with just what you want - tidbits. No thanks for Perez Hilton who has too much time on his hands for all the hateful.

**Thanks for Chick-Fil-A which opened even closer to my house, improved the chicken salad, and gives out mints. No thanks for Guadalajara that simply teased me and led me on. Come back!

**Thanks for Jon Foreman, Jason Mraz, Brooke Fraser, Gavin DeGraw, Adele, and Dave Barnes who all put out lovely albums this year. No thanks for Madonna who needs to wrap it up.

**Thanks for Facebook, a place in which I'm probably not the target audience, but love all the same. No thanks for MySpace where you can no longer see the forest for the messy, crowded, naked trees.

**Thanks for the Gosselins who make me want to eat organic and pick on my husband (when he shows up.) No thanks for the Duggars who need to start thinking about population control and individualized attention for their 18 kids.

**Thanks for the FBC Senior Adult Choir and Bon Qui Qui whose videos made me snort. No thanks for the Miley and Mandy show who fought their battles on YouTube - man up.

**Thanks for my friends and family who make everything more colorful and divine. No thanks for the Devil, who can stick it.

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