The Post About Too Much Christmas?

I have a friend Patrick. This is Patrick on Christmas crack.

I have seen houses in full Christmas attire since the day after Halloween. My hairdresser just told me she's looking for a blow-up outdoor Santa sitting on a John Deere to add to her extravaganza that includes decorating EVERY room in her house (including the potties). My question is "Why so early?" (and then "Why would Santa ride a tractor?)

Doesn't Thanksgiving deserve a little affection? My friend Allison, who has been unpacking her attic and blanketing her own home in Baby Jesus, says it's simply an issue of priority. Turkey Day, to her, represents us stealing Native American land. Christmas is the birth of our Lord and Savior. Therefore, trees before cornucopias.

I suppose there is a slice of logic there - but is it the whole pie? Caryann says Christians celebrating Christmas is not a Biblical edict, which technically is true. Instead of us putting the "Christ" back in Christmas - perhaps it was never really there in the first place. Maybe we have wrapped reindeer in the wise men in order to justify having a holiday soap dispenser. I am simply not sure - which explains this merry ramble...

What is your take on Christmas?

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