The Post About Cravings

Although I am not pregnant, my uterus still tends to have cravings on occasion (is that too much information...?)

My first craving was this:

It was as if I could not function unless I had one of these for breakfast today. So I did.

Last week, I experienced a particularly stressful day and was exhausted from too much work and not enough sleep. This is a dangerous equation for someone who will use food as medication. I stopped by Papa John's and asked if they had any specials. The lovely gentleman asked "How many people are you trying to feed?" Then, almost without cognitive recognition, I said "Two."

Who else was I trying to feed? I assume it was Jesus who lives inside my heart. Yep, that sounds about right.

Do you have cravings?


  1. I have cravings all the time. Sometimes I feel the need to put peanut butter on absolutely everything.

    Ever since high school, after a very strange conversation with Landon - ocassionally I'll have to run and get Seasame chicken from some chinese place then put it on top of my pizza.

  2. It's not really Christmas time unless there's a box of "Christmas Tree Cakes" in the house. That's a Shawny Christmas tradition. I've limited myself to one a week this year instead of one a day.
    My cravings usually lean towards anything that goes along with Milk. Cookies & Milk, Cereal, Cake & Milk, etc. I've finally weaned myself off the hard stuff (whole)and have gotten used to skim.


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