The Post About Fairy Godmothering (The Epilogue)

There are so many great stories from the 30.5 hours I was with my lil' god-dumplings. How about some highlights?

This is Billy refusing to come to the table and eat. He relented fairly quickly as long as I went in the kitchen first.

I wanted to road trip and since I love Chick-Fil-A, it seemed ideal. However, Billy commented "The next time Mom and Dad go far away and you babysit, let's go to McDonald's." And then James Robert said "McDonald's" over and over for more than an hour. He's a little Rain Man in many ways.

We left Chick-Fil-A and headed to Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby to buy Christmas gifts for their parents. I don't want to ruin the surprise, but those boys have "excellent" taste. Kara said it was crucial I be on the road before 2pm so James Robert would be napping. I present you with the napping boys (including the one who appears to belong to Michael Jackson.)

If they were good while shopping, I let them pick out a prize. They were, so I did. They picked blue magic wands. Billy turned to me after playing with them for a moment and said "Jamie! We look just like fairies." (This moment is described and pictured for their father.)

Bathing toddlers (a.k.a. 45 minute aerobic workout). The picture is fuzzy because they had just thrown water on me. But I am the coolest because Billy let me wash his hair (his mom said that would be a feat.)

Worst part? Smelly litter box and no caffeine. How can you parent without caffeine? How can you breathe without caffeine?

Best part? James Robert was eating very little at dinner, so we made a deal. If he ate one more goldfish, he could have the mini snickers. Removed the plate and left the one cracker and the chocolate. He was anti-goldfish, but pro-snickers - conflict. He never whined or fussed, simply drank his chocolate milk and stared me down. Finally, he knew who was the boss and put the cracker in his mouth. I praised him appropriately and gave him the chocolate. He took it and then reached in his mouth, pulled out the soggy fish, and placed it back on the table. I think I heard him say "sucker" as he left the room.

P.S. He only wanted the chocolate from the mini-snickers, so I later found the nutty caramel nougat "guts" on the couch.


  1. That was too funny! I can not function with out caffeine! Loved the goldfish part. James Robert is a smart little boy!

  2. I love kids - as long as they're someone else's =)

    Sounds like you had fun!


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