The Post About Hollywood (Not the Cradle of Hell)

(I am headed to the airport for the long road home - a great song by Patty Griffin, but probably not a great experience for me...)

I am a media junkie - I love news about politics, news about the economy, news about world affairs, and news about Reese and Jake. I love it all. So going to Hollywood was a must. We stayed overnight off the Sunset Strip (which I think was risking our lives...) but it was a great location. It looked just like Melrose Place - I was waiting on Jake to come and fix our plumbing:

The one bizarre thing was the parking garage:
It was like driving into another layer of the earth. Plus, at one point, I know I saw a dumpster going about 45mph down the ramp.

Outside of our hotel, we saw trannies, Germans, and Barney. Yes, the dinosaur. Walking down a dark street after 9pm, by himself, with no particular agenda.

We saw all the standard tourist-y things represented here by the Chinese Theater:

It is not a God-less place as some would have you think. Exhibit A:

Of course, for the defense (with a cigarette butt on the symbol):

This is Rodeo Drive:

A place where I had to lay my idols down. Keep us moving, Lacretia.

Caryann and I find euphemisms for cursing quite hilarious. (we think we may be alone in this). This is our favorite:

More from Santa Monica and Stars Hollow later today...

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