The Post About the Pacific and ER

Still making my way home...thank you to Kara and Joseph who are picking me up from the airport tonight. Eventually.

One of my favorite vacation memories is traveling with my college roomie Angie and putting my little piggies in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. (although it was New Jersey and I am sure there was a follow-up rash involved...) This was my first jaunt to the Pacific.

Santa Monica is stunning:

My pop culture alter ego was most giddy about this moment:

The "E" Box asked us which celebrity we thought would get in trouble over the holidays. I am fairly certain the footage of my monologue about the train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan will be used on a loop.

We ate at some phenomenal places while we were in Cali, but we also caved and ate cheap at McD's. The difference? Angus Burger and a woman washing her hair in the women's bathroom sink.

However, you will be glad to know that we saw several homeless folks and used the "cracker method" even on the West Coast.

We were able to take a VIP Tour at Warner Brothers Studios. I would recommend this to any and everyone (it's also the best ranked studio tour on Frommer's and Lonely Planet - so don't just take my word for it.)

Stars Hollow:

Mike Seaver's Garage:

And best of all -the set of ER:

I walked in and said "This is amazing! It looks just like ER." Caryann responded "It IS the set of ER, you idiot." Oh.

Is there more? But, of course. We head north tomorrow to the home of Giants and Asian stalkers...

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  1. ohhh dear!!! i loooove the Santa Monica Pier, didnt you just absolutely never wanna leave!!


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