The Post About San Fran Paparazzi

This has to be one of the most beautiful cities ever. A city on a hill (more like 43 hills...)

Per Shannon's suggestion, we took a cheap bay cruise and it was worth the $20.

We saw Alcatraz:

We saw my namesake bridge:
But more importantly, we were seen. By that, I mean a lovely tourist from the Pacific Rim decided her travel scrapbook would not be complete without pictures with Caryann and me (individually). Here is a picture of her with Caryann helping you find her:
I wanted you to see her, since it was quite a strange experience.

We started and ended our time here at the Ferry Building:
There is a huge farmer's market here. But farmers are more like pastry chefs and somaliers. I had the best cupcake from Miette that made my hair stand up on end. But despite, the huge amount of fresh bread, and wine, and cheese, and chocolate - all we saw were skinny wenches. This could be because everyone walks. We actually walked from here to Pier 43 and 1/2 (which was 43 and 1/2 piers away - almost 2 miles...) But we made up for it in fresh sourdough bread from Boudin Cafe.

The other common denominator about San Francisco is being earth-conscious. This was a trash can at the Market:

Three Choices - 1. Recycle. 2. Compost. or 3. Trash. It was fabulous!

But the best part of our time in San Fran was seeing the lovely Kristen Gafric. Kristen and I both graduated from Emory and were fast friends when we met our freshman year. She found me on Facebook right before I left on vacation to let me know she was living in Cali. What perfect timing on God's part! It's always great to reconnect, no?

One last stop on the whirlwind...the park rangers will meet us there.


  1. Jamie,

    San Fran has to be one of the cleanest cities I have ever seen, I was also impressed by how many people were out exercising. I was also expecting to see alot of freaks and weirdo's on the streets but instead noticed alot of young couples out, I think we used to call them "yuppies" back in the day. Glad your having a good time, don't forget to drive down Lombard St. Happy New Year..The Barnette's

  2. What's missing from the photo of our Asian stalker is her sassy outfit and matching (kinda) fuscia lipstick. She was all dolled up for the fog.


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