The Post About Pandora's Box

I really delight in other people's blogs - almost to the point that I feel a tad stalkerish. However, my lingering is always motivated by love (and not the kind that mails you notes with our faces merged.)

The best part is getting great recommendations, which I will now pay forward:

Pandora: My ADD demands I have background noise to maintain basic function (like blinking and texting). Pandora is the supply. Type in your favorite artist and Pandora shimmies and shakes it's box and plays that artist and/or others with a similar sound until you can't stand it anymore. And the best part? Free. Right now, I have stations for Brooke Fraser, Beyonce, and Ryan Adams. Pandora has now hooked me onto Keri Noble, Adrianne, and Wilco. You can even get Pandora free on your mobile phone.

So scoot and pull back the lid. Only snazzy things await.

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