The Post About Cougars & Their Kitten

On Sunday in Cali - I went to Caryann's church - Radiant Church. Such a great experience. I would definitely attend, if I lived there. Their pastor, Travis, is one of the kookier, but quite fabulous pastors I have met. You can see one of the more enjoyable videos of him promoting a Christmas series of messages here (He is wearing a pregnancy empathy belly. The background music sells it...)

That afternoon, Caryann and I headed to see the Redwoods (one of my requirements for visiting). Since the drive really requires 4-wheel drive, we needed a 4-wheel drive. She shared this info on the radio, and the lovely and talented Tyler volunteered. Here is 19-year-old Tyler and his baby, Silver Sky:

The next sentence will objectify both Tyler and his vehicle. "They are lovely." But if it helps, they are lovely both inside and out.

I have a special place in my heart for trees, as I have already mentioned previously. So seeing these gorgeous mother-trees was incredible. Period.

A view of the General Grant (third largest tree in the world...)

So you can see better get a feel for how large it is - Caryann and I at the base (this was a super quick pic since we had to jump the fence and illegally go hug him before the park rangers called for our incarceration...)

We may or may not have made poor choices again to get this shot:

We tried to climb this little snow hill from behind, but I kept disappearing into the drift. And by "disappear", I mean fall into a snow hole to my waist. I'm awesome.

To cap off the day (and truthfully, every day I was in Cali), we ate ice cream (which is probably why I kept falling into snow drifts.)
This ice cream shop is actually inside a Rite Aid. The Walgreens near my house needs to step up.
And then I came home. I miss you Cali.


  1. I enjoyed reading your posts about Cali! Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing. I agree the Walgreens needs to step up!

  2. That cannot be me in the photo next to you because I would never break the law. If it is me, it's because you got me drunk after church and I don't remember hopping the fence.

  3. It sounds like you had such a fun trip to California!! We have several friends that have moved out that way and need to take a trip out there too...and you broke the law? tisk tisk tisk...


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