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This post is audience-specific. Again. Last week's recap was fun for me, so here's another round:

Here are my reactions as I watched this week's episode "Jughead":
**This is why Desmond and I wouldn't live on a boat. Babies were meant to be birthed by surrogates in clean maternity suites at Catholic hospitals. I guess Penny and Desi got down to business on creating lil' Denny after dumping the Oceanic 6.
**I thought he was talking about The Island too. But Great Britain has scary monsters too as a result of the rain and bad teeth.
**I've decided that Miles is the video host's son. He has a bad attitude because the #15 bunny was his and Pop made him sick from all the weekend time traveling.
**Quote Break: Locke: “ Who are these people?” Sawyer: “Well, gee, I didn't have time to ask that with Frogurt on fire an' all.”
**Juliet using her mad Others language skills – I hate her less.
**It's Senor Senior, Jr – lookin' young & snazzy as ever!
**People don't tend to trust people who wear their sunglasses inside, Desmond. Creepy music. Picture of mullet Daniel. More creepy music. Creepy guy who sounds like Bert from Mary Poppins. The evidence is mounting against Dan.
**Didn't you just say to keep them thinking you're military? Someone has ADD.
**Romantic music. Ahh...DF + CL 4 EVER
**Locke has man boobs in back to the future. She says “Ricardos Alpert” and Locke asks “Did you say Richard Alpert?” Umm...Locke is the chosen one?
**Daniel is the new Sun who was the new Ben. No? (I hope not...he's so cute and in love.)
**So “Jughead” is not just the goofy sidekick to Archie. People didn't trust Marty McFly and they don't trust you, Danny. That's why everyone needs a gun.
**Widmore is probably going to know you are in England if you bust up in his office. Speaking of Charlie Widmore – he needs some of that serum Ricardos is using. Looks like he could have gotten it if he hadn't been so fussy back at the camp. Speaking of Charlie - you named him after the Hobbit - ahh?
**Cue the Huey Lewis music. And C.S. Lewis is down for the count.
Previews: That's right - he's the one to kiss.


  1. it is with a sorrowful heart I write this comment......
    My DVR cut off before the end of LOST. =(

    I don't know how it ended. I haven't seen any previews from next week. I'm very sad.

    The last thing I saw was Lock telling Alpert that he was going to be born in another two years. There had to have been something after that.

    I guess I'll have to try to find a way to secretly download it at work tomorrow. Hope I can do that without getting fired. I've really enjoyed that job, but I do have priorities.

  2. I totally thought the same thing about Locke. Maybe time travel also augments your breasteses. I should try it, then.


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