The Post About Obama & SweetTarts

Yesterday, my mail lady brought me a box filled with the most fabulous things:

(clockwise from bottom)
  • Letter "J" ornament (I am slightly obsessed with my name)
  • "Love Your Mother Earth" grocery tote (support for my NY's resolution)
  • Bulletin from Christ Community Church
  • Barack Obama shirt (see backstory later in the post)
  • Cupcake Pajamas (with a lovely gift card in the pocket)
  • Cupcake spaptulas
  • Magnet with Friendship Quote
  • Notebook with Pen with letter "J" in corner (see first bullet)
  • Bag of SweetTarts (God's manna candy)
  • (center) Holiday cupcake liners
  • (center) Peanut M&Ms (my favorite chocolate)
  • (center) Tootsie Roll Stick (my unfavorite fake chocolate)
  • (underneath) Huge BB&B canvas tote

My friend Allison from Louisiana who is one of my favorite people sent this medley of fun to me to celebrate baby Jesus' 1 month birthday. She is one of the best gift givers I know mainly because she listens when you talk. This trait also makes her an incredible friend.

Thank you Allison!

Obama Shirt Backstory: I was on the phone with Allison when she visited a store to search out a Barack Obama shirt for me (Allison and I choose to agree to disagree on politics). When she asked the little guy behind the counter for help, he said "We're sold out, but we have plenty of shirts with Jesus on them." What does that say about Louisiana?

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