The Post About Needing a Cigarette

My friend, Joseph, said once "You never really quit smoking. It's just been a long time since the last cigarette." He indicated he could pick up the bad habit without hesitation, but he chooses not to - good call.

Addictions are hairy things. When I look at my own life, there's hardly anything I couldn't live without - really nothing. Except this:

It's not really the bed I need. (Although, the high thread count sheets and fluffy down duvet are nothing to scoff at.) It's sleep. I crave it in a way that rivals a heroin addict hankering for a hit. And not just a little bit of sleep. A lot of it. I slept 9.5 hours just last night and could have gone 2-3 more hours, easy breezy. The phone is off, the room is dark, and the temperature hovers at 64. All in attempts to keep me on that heavenly high just a tad longer.

I can make it through long days, just by repeating the mantra "You'll get to sleep late on Saturday." I plan my schedule for meetings that start at 10am and brunches that take place at noon in order to feed my habit. On Sundays, I wake up extra early for Jesus, say "Hi" and then immediately think "I can't wait for my Sunday nap." I can prompt instant hyperventilation at the very thought of birthing children who will hatefully steal my drug of choice. I walk fast, talk fast, type fast, eat fast, and watch TV fast to support the theory: Get more done while awake, sleep even longer.

Some of you might say "I'm sleeping the day away" or "You have a problem."

I say "Stick it."


  1. How does referring to a gymnastics movie counter their argument?


  2. Funny! I feel the same way..there is like a love thing calling me when I walk in my home..straight to the bedroom. It is a magnet.
    There is nothing like laying down, snuggling in the pillows you have shaped to contour with your body(i use three and root inbetween them)and snooze away!

    And now that we have kdis, more precious than ever!! (-;

    Thanks Jamie..now on this rainy dreary day, I a sitting at lunch wanting, craving a NAP!!

  3. Ben - only you would default to gymnastics :)

    Lisa - I am glad I could be of assistance :)

  4. I'm glad you explained what "the thing [you] can't live without" was. Because judging just from the picture, I thought it was sex.


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