The Post About Eating Your Veggies

I have this group of people who come to my house on a fairly regular basis. We eat and play and the last ones to leave simply chat.

Generally we eat potluck - which lends itself to 3-4 homecooked dishes and Oreos and Doritos. This last time, we had sausage balls, english muffin pizzas, monte cristo sandwiches, and cupcakes. This is my first attempt at a recipe from Hello, Cupcake. They are peas and carrots and mashed potatoes (made with Starburst, Skittles, and Caramel).

I know the "look" threw some people, but they were gobbled up.

We play Mao more than we should (people are known to cry) and our new love - Quelf. I cannot recommend this game enough. My friend and coworker, Lisa, gave it props and she seems fun, so... It's a little like Cranium, but tainted and strange. The cards you draw are divided into 5 categories including, Stuntz, Showbiz, Quizzle, Roolz, and Scatterbrainz. An example of a Roolz is this "For the remainder of the game, every sentence that you speak must end with 'Hear me, for I have spoken.' or pay the penalty."

You can buy Quelf online or at Barnes & Noble. Do it. Your friends might come over and bring Oreos.

Any suggestions for fabulous games you love?


  1. YEA! You got Quelf!! Isn't it wonderful??

  2. Love the cupcakes! You did a great job!

  3. I love that when I do show up I'm usually one of the last to leave! Those cupcakes were amazing - even though the mashed potato ones were seriously messing with my head.


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